Traditional private banking and brokerage

Banco Carregosa has maintained the traditional values it began with, and now applies them to an ever-growing roster of services


Banco Carregosa is a private bank, incepted in 2008 and headquartered in Oporto. It was started as a family business in 1833, even before the Portuguese Central Bank was established.

The bank’s client wealth management philosophy is rooted in 19th-century traditional values maintained and practiced for almost 200 years in varied environments of international peace or conflict, calm or chaos, and social change.

Its diverse client base, some of whom have been with the bank for generations, appreciate the personal attention and direct access to top management that are a hallmark of Banco Carregosa.

Headquartered in Oporto, the second largest city in the country and long renowned as a historical business centre, Banco Carregosa has main offices in Lisbon, Madrid and Sao Paulo. The bank was not conceived for the mass market, so distribution is not an issue.

Private bankers deal with their clients wherever and whenever they want or need.

As well as private banking – Banco Carregosa’s core business – it also has a brokerage brand, GoBulling, an online broker that has been a leader in the derivatives market for years.

A good year
Banco Carregosa is one of the most capitalised banks in the industry, with a core tier ratio consistently above 20 percent. In 2012, Carregosa enjoyed its best ever results.

With a small team, but a solid leadership, Banco Carregosa has been distinguished both on national and international level. Its Chairwoman, Maria Cândida, was awarded ‘Business Woman of the Year’ in 2012 by both Jornal de Negócios, the most influential financial daily newspaper in the country, and Maxima, a monthly women’s magazine. The bank itself was considered, in 2012, the highest-growth bank by the prestigious business magazine Exame, which is published in Portugal, Brazil and Angola.

Carregosa’s stockholders rarely change, giving the bank stability. This distinguished group of investors includes the founder, Américo Amorim, a well-known businessman who has featured in Forbes, his family and a few old clients. Amorim’s primary interest has been in cork production.

Another important thing to note is related to the management team: all the members are stockholders, which means they are not just seeking results in the short term. They are truly committed to the health and future of the institution.

Client focus
Drawing inspiration from the traditional business models of Swiss private banks, Carregosa’s history, independence and personalised service are what make it different from most banks offering private banking solutions in the market.

Banco Carregosa, buttressed on the experience of its private bankers and asset management teams, constantly endeavours to deliver the most suitable risk and return balance for each client, through thorough analysis of clients’ profiles and needs and the selection of the best investment solutions. At international level, the bank provides its clients with services and support to make the best of local business opportunities in strategic geographical areas such as Spain, Angola and Brazil.

The bank’s independence is largely recognised by the stakeholders as well as the media.

Both national and international media look to Banco Carregosa’s in-house specialists for comment and analysis when there is an important issue on the news related to the Portuguese economy or the Portuguese stock market. It’s not difficult to find Banco Carregosa’a experienced staff quoted in the international press, like the Financial Times, CNN, the Wall Street Journal or CNBC. Carregosa does not aim for big exposure, but welcomes it when it’s justified and strictly involved with its activity.

Experience and values
Banco Carregosa’s financial intermediation service combines the experience amassed throughout its history and the conservative values that govern its financial products and services innovation in global market operations. The brokerage service’s primary aim is to offer a diversified multi-product, multi-market range and provide sound and effective know-how on financial markets, tailored to whatever needs the client may have.

Access to capital markets is provided through various trading channels. A premium traditional channel was developed for investors who want a comprehensive brokerage service, providing high supporting standards and direct access to senior traders.

Alternatively, modern, competitive and electronic platforms were developed both in-house and through a partnership with Saxo Bank, adjusted to user’s demands, through the online GoBulling trading brand, for investors who want to enjoy the freedom of operating directly in the capital markets. GoBulling was Saxo Bank’s first partner in Portugal, and in partnership they developed its white label platform, which is now used worldwide.

The quality and renown of GoBulling’s brokerage services have been recognised by private, institutional, domestic and foreign investors. The institution is committed to operate in any market segment, and has many partners of national and international repute.

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