Robert Easton’s new-look BVCA

Dr Robert Easton of the Carlyle Group has taken up the seat of chairman at the BVCA. It could mean great changes for the industry


Dr Robert Easton, who is managing director of the Carlyle Group, has recently been appointed chairman of the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association. Dr Easton has worked for the Carlyle Group for some 11 years, since 2000, mainly operating in the Europe Buyout and Europe Technology areas of the group. The Carlyle Leveraged Buyout team is based in London and Dr Easton focuses mainly on the acquisition of various industrial and chemical opportunities in Europe. He has been described by some of his colleagues as an extremely driven character, who also works very well in teams.

Dr Easton became involved with the BVCA group as a part of the Energy, Environment and Technology Board, a collection of industry leaders, acting together through the auspices of the BVCA, to promote a range of clean energy technologies. The prime purpose of the enterprise is to help alleviate climate change and to create a network of support for entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and policymakers who are involved in the clean energy industry. With a background in chemistry, Dr Easton has a solid foundation of technical knowledge that enables him to effectively understand the complexities of the companies involved.

Dr Easton will be continuing in his role at Carlyle Group and it is not thought that his new role as chairman of BVCA is likely to interfere significantly with his current activities within the company. Indeed, he has made it known that he intends to keep working at the group for the rest of his working life. Expectations are high for Easton’s time at the helm of the BVCA committee, due to his strong background in the financial industry, along with his knowledge and affinity for advanced technological companies. Due to the nature of the investments made by BVCA, Easton seems to be the ideal choice for the position.

Dr Easton has already made known the specific aims he has in mind for his role at the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association. For example, he plans to increase the level of transparency across the private equity industry, hopeful that this will lead to an improved reputation for private equity firms in the eyes of general public. He will be continuing the drive, within the BVCA, for improved funding and support for companies and entrepreneurs involved in reducing climate change through the introduction of clean energy technology. In his new position, Dr Easton will be presiding over the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association’s committee, of which he was formerly a member. It is which is made up of the heads of various technology and investment companies with a hand in clean energy.

Robert Easton became a trader in the late 1980s after a realisation that prospects for career advancement in the field of pure laboratory work were severely limited. Since then, he has moved into more technical fields of investment, taking advantage of his practical scientific background.