Ava FX to grow institutional arm

The Dublin-based broker is moving into full-service territory, with a growing client base of professional, corporate and institutional accounts


Ava FX is a licensed and regulated European broker, and one of the fastest growing retail brokers in the forex industry, with 150,000 registered customers and monthly trading volumes of around $50bn. Customers are able to trade in foreign currencies, commodities like gold and crude oil, major stock indices from around Asia, Europe, North America, major US and European stocks, and US, German, and Japanese bonds, with leverage up to 400:1. All of this is available from one account.

Ava FX believes their phenomenal growth has come from a wide product line-up, and unparalleled customer service. Each customer is assigned a friendly, qualified, and dedicated account manager to assist with the whole trading process – no matter what the customer’s trading preference is.

The forex industry has grown and developed considerably in recent years, and Ava FX was quick to adapt and lead this change. The biggest development has been the introduction of CFDs such as gold, silver, crude oil, and indices like the FTSE100 and S&P500. This has presented a very unique opportunity for Ava FX to grow, develop, and attract a whole new clientele.

Stocks have now been another industry development that the forex broker has been involved in. As tradable CFDs, the advantage over traditional brokers is the low margin requirements due to the high leverage, and access to many markets from one account.

Whatever the next frontier, Ava FX is poised to be on the forefront and has shown that innovation and creativity are the key factors in their success.

Part of Ava FX’s development has been the expansion to regional offices in key markets. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, there are now offices in New York, Paris, Milan, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Sydney, with more to come in the following years. These regional offices allow Ava FX to better penetrate these markets by transcending from an online company to a local company, and go a long way to putting a human element in what can be a cold online business.

New markets
Ava FX still sees strong demand from their core region, Western Europe. However there has been very strong interest recently from Asia and all over the developing world. The current global financial crisis is showing people the vulnerability of the traditional banking system, and more and more customers are seeking alternative investment options such as forex and commodities.

With the introduction of CFDs and regional offices, Ava FX is morphing from a retail broker focused on small private traders, into a full-service broker with a growing client base of professional, corporate and institutional accounts.

There are many different platforms and tools available to the more serious trader which Ava FX provides. From Money Manager accounts to the MetaTrader (MT4) platform, professionals have everything they need to be successful – and dedicated account managers standing by.

Customers are invited to open free demo accounts with $100,000 practice money with which to hone their skills in the markets using advanced trading platforms and experience the benefits of Ava FX.

For more information www.TryAvaFX.com