Competition in FX heats up

The online foreign exchange market is booming in today’s economy, but it takes a concise company to stand out. ThinkForex offers a wide range of platforms and services to empower traders says Nauman Anees, Managing Director


The foreign exchange market is by definition a highly volatile and somewhat unpredictable one. It takes the sharpest minds and carefully honed skills to truly master the art of trading. No two trading days are the same, and no formula will yield positive results forever.

In the past forex trading was exclusively for banking professionals and carried out in the hallowed offices of large financial institutions, but over the past few years there has been a boom in online trading platforms that have truly revolutionised the market.

Today amateurs and novice traders can enjoy all the rewards of trading in a secure environment, and learn the tricks of the trade through experience and by observing professional traders online. As a result of this renewed interest in foreign exchange, the online market for trading platforms has become increasingly competitive. But as with any other market, some brokers stand out and some fall by the wayside. “ThinkForex customised partnership solutions, world class trading infrastructure, and award winning partner support, are just a few reasons why professional institutions prefer ThinkForex above the rest,” says Nauman Anees, Managing Director.

Developing advanced opportunities
Since its inception recently – in 2010 – ThinkForex has experienced unprecedented growth within the financial services market, obtaining numerous accolades in just a few years. “Our experienced industry professionals offer in-depth insight, personalised turn-key marketing solutions,and are continually working to refine our partnership programmes.

“ThinkForex has directly interlinked with Equinix’s state-of-the-art Data Centre, providing traders with the ability to trade on the same grid as all the major banks and liquidity providers.” The company prides itself in developing trading products and optimal trading conditions, which meet the demands of all types of traders.

“We appeal to both the professional and institutional partners, because of our advanced trading infrastructure, and cross-connection with top tier liquidity providers,” explains Anees. Everyday retail traders also embrace ThinkForex’s non-dealing desk execution model, and low latency trading architecture for faster execution of trades. The internet has democratised the forex market, creating an entirely new class of customers that may not have gotten involved in trading otherwise. From small introducing brokers with just a few professional clients, to large financial institutions with several thousand traders, ThinkForex works with every partner to develop the right solutions that work for them.

In order to remain ahead of the game in the increasingly competitive world of online forex, the company has devised a number of different trading platforms that offer clients the flexibility they require to maximise their trading. As well as the MetaTrafer and the MultiManager, it also offers a cutting edge mobile trading platforms – available on most smartphones – allowing clients to synchronise their Meta and MultiTrader operations on their mobile device in order to carry out transactions remotely.

No starting experience required
Other tools that have proved popular are the Zulu and MirrorTrader platforms, which allow novice or amateur traders to observe, interact with and even mirror professional traders operations. For ThinkForex it is important for less experienced clients to be able to immerse themselves in a professional environment, to improve their returns and learn from it.

“Thinkforex offers a wide range of products tailored to meet the needs of all level of traders,” says Anees. “We provide free virtual private servers (VPS) for all professional accounts, along with manual, social, and EA trading platforms. In addition to customisable trading platforms, we offer free education and daily market analysis for all live accounts.”

The company is eager to attract new traders, even those with little or no experience, and it seeks to foster the healthiest trading environment possible. “For someone looking to get into online trading today, you can download a free demo account from ThinkForex,” says Anees. “With the demo account traders can begin to explore the market as it moves.

“As they become more comfortable with trading in the fast moving market conditions, they can start trading with as little as 250 units of currency. So in short, new traders should research the markets, demo trade the platform, and go live when they are ready.” It is important for novice trainers to be aware of the market and the potential risks they can face.

As a regulated financial broker, ThinkForex does not offer any trading advice. They do however encourage all potential traders interested in the financial markets to research extensively before investing any money of their own. “We also advise you to learn about the financial markets by taking some online classes, and getting acquainted within the industry before making any large investments,” says Anees.

Unlike some other online forex platforms, ThinkForex also appeals to a wide range of money managers and asset managers. Its programmes offer the opportunity for money and asset managers to establish a fund, expand their client base, and grow their fund’s assets. All while ThinkForex takes care of the back-office and technological logistics.

Asset and money managers
“With our money manager programmes, you will have the freedom to customise performance fees, penalties for early withdrawal, and set minimum trading amounts. We will cover the administrative paperwork, support, and first-class technology,” says Anees.

This programme was developed to let managers focus on what they do best – execute their trading strategy. While MultiManager was developed specifically for professional money managers and high-end institutional partners, our MetaTrader 4, MirrorTrader, and other trading platforms appeal to every day manual and automated traders.

The ThinkForex Multi Account Manager solution enables money managers to handle multiple trading accounts simultaneously. With the ThinkForex MultiManager platform, managers can observe and work with several trading accounts at the same time, and completely customise the features based on their personal preferences.

All of ThinkForex’s products are designed to be as flexible as possible, customised by the user at their leisure and “appeal to the individual needs of traders, by scaling into solutions while you grow,” explains the spokesperson. “At ThinkForex, we offer customised programming services that allow traders to interface directly with our server.”

The company has also focused huge resources in developing its white label product range, and have achieved great results with it. Its all in one solution is especially designed to allow entry-level white label clients to reach the market instantly.

“We allow our partners the access to white label trading platforms, client portals, backend support systems, and other proprietary trading technologies”, says Anees. “All while we seamlessly provide award winning customer support and superior trading execution.”

But the key differential in ThinkForex’s white label range is that all partners in that segment have the unique opportunity to meet with the company’s executive business and development marketing teams who are dedicated to help clients achieve their goals through adequate strategic planning that falls in-line with company objectives.

“Our typical white label partners can vary from individual money managers seeking to provide a seamless user experience, to larger institutions that would like to add forex and CFD’s as an additional asset class to their existing portfolio of products,” says Anees.

“In addition to this, we assist small to mid-size brokers in optimising their product line up by offering white label solutions of our existing proprietary platforms – without all the hassle of regulation and licensing.

He concludes, “Our affiliate and customisable white label solutions offer partners the ability to scale into a professional programme that works for them, while receiving generous, customised compensation plans, and a dedicated account manager.”

ThinkForex won Best Broker, Australasia, in the 2013 Foreign Exchange Awards.