TFI Markets on technology’s growing impact

Competition and the need to differentiate have forced firms to keep up with advancing technological trends. TFI Markets’ Executive Director Maria Theodorou explains what embodies the company’s DNA

April 20, 2012

TFI Markets has managed to set itself apart from its competitors. What distinguishes TFI from its rivals?
TFI Markets is recognised for its experience and professional service, and its goal is to fulfil the needs of clients across all areas including new products, pricing, execution policies, and of course, through the personal connection staff maintain with customers. We believe it is paramount to spend time with customers in order to present them with the best possible solution in the currency market. Not only does this personalised form of service keep clients with us long-term, I also believe it is the best way of fending off competition.

What advice would you give to an individual who has just started trading FX?
Respect the market! Many new traders believe they can consistently and systematically gain huge returns on their money; the reality is that they first need to keep their head above water and understand how the market works. Thereafter they will begin to recognise patterns which will help them improve their trading strategy. Developing the right mentality is also very important to their trading success; emotions such as fear and greed must be controlled. These steps, along with a healthy measure of logic, will eventually allow them to mechanically execute profitable trades with no emotion.

Do you offer any guidance and information for beginners?
We continuously strive to build our clients’ knowledge of how the forex market works – their trading success is our ultimate goal. Research and analysis are invaluable tools, and we provide our clients with informative, in-depth analytical research from our own treasury team as well as with leading news, plus daily and weekly commentaries.

What are the main features you offer as part of your FX services?
TFI Markets acts as a one-stop choice in the currency market, and we have created a product range that covers the needs of any individual or corporate client. TFIFX is a premium choice for margin traders, while TFI Pay is a smart solution for international payments in foreign currencies. TFI Hedge, meanwhile, is an innovative hybrid between TFIFX & TFI Pay, which serves to help corporations to hedge currency exposure under any currency price fluctuations.

How has technology advanced and benefited the experience of FX traders?
The forex trading industry has been a tour de force in the technological aspect of the financial services industry. Competition and the need to differentiate have forced many brokerage firms to keep up or exceed most technological trends. We are now offering real-time access to trading, news, rates, and platforms on all smartphones. With our mobile trading solutions, clients can easily keep up with the markets and trade from anywhere in the world in just a few seconds.

Transparency, fairness and integrity count among your core principles. How do you guarantee these values on behalf of your clients?
A few years ago, many international firms operating in the forex market had to deal with a grey environment. There was a lack of effective regulation or the regulatory framework in place was inadequate. Those days are over. In the European market, frameworks like  MiFID have come into effect while other regions have implemented their own regulatory regimes. Our motto of transparency, fairness and integrity was our shield against international regulatory shortcomings – it remains in our DNA as our core principles as we believe it will help us maintain a long-term presence and a strong brand in the market.

What is next for TFI Markets?
We always try to stay ahead of the curve and the competition. We are very excited to be able to expand with TFI Pay and TFI Hedge but you can rest assured that we have more innovations coming up in the years ahead. We are now working on a new project that uses the latest trading technology to increase speed in specific trades.

Maria Theodorou CV
Maria Theodorou joined TFI as Chief Operating Officer in 2007 and subsequently became Head of Sales and Marketing, before progressing to the role of General Manager and finally stepping in as Executive Director. Previously, Theodorou served for 16 years as Senior Dealer and Treasurer at HSBC, and was recognised as one of the company’s top 50 professionals at the time. She has vast experience of strategic development and proprietary trading and has provided investment guidance to large corporations and individuals alike. Additionally, Theodorou is a member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in London.