Trading goes social

WhoTrades, a large social network, is linking traders around the globe


WhoTrades is a recognised leader in global equity trading and is part of a major international investment holding with a market cap in excess of $35.6m (Rub 1.1bn). The company has a long history of successful operations, a proven track record, and offers a wide range of services on the FX market.

WhoTrades deals with clients around the globe, with a special focus on the quality of customer service. The company offers some of the best terms for FX trading, demonstrating flexibility when addressing client investment needs, which has helped the company gain recognition from several thousand investors in Europe and America.

FX trading solutions from WhoTrades involve low spreads for primary currency pairs, minimal deposits to launch trading, no swap deals and high leverage. It is absolutely safe to trade through WhoTrades as the company insures every client account (with investors’ European accounts having coverage of €20,000 and US coverage equaling $500,000).

FX products
WhoTrades provides clients with the opportunity to trade in 150 currency pairs on the FX market, invest in futures on agricultural products (over 100 items), execute currency contracts and CFDs. The company offers clients access to online trading on 22 major global stock exchanges including the NASDAQ, NYSE, Deutsche Börse, the London Stock Exchange, the Toronto Stock Exchange, etc.

The company’s trade turnover is constantly on the rise and its financial performance is also steadily improving. In 2011, WhoTrades’ clientele climbed 95 percent from the previous year, and customer confidence also saw marked improvement, with the average deposit surging 42 percent on the year. Trading turnover at WhoTrades on the FX market in 2011 skyrocketed 4.8x y-o-y.

WhoTrades clients operate using the most advanced trading applications that ensure seamless execution of deals, orders and bids. The platforms offered by the company have a broad range of features, are constantly updated and operate without disruptions or glitches. Instant and seamless execution of operations, state-of-the-art services and comprehensive customer support are the advantages which have allowed the company to contend for a prestigious award from World Finance magazine.

WhoTrades regularly holds special training sessions for neophyte investors and experienced traders alike, and offers online courses which are a great way to gain experience in operations on global commodities venues and on the FX market. Also, WhoTrades frequently holds various contests for beginning investors and its clients. The monthly prize money of WhoTrades for FX market contests equals $25,000.

WhoTrades is also a large social network that links traders around the globe. This is a global portal for those who are interested in equity trading on international stock exchanges, investment on the FX market and futures venues of Europe and America. The social network from WhoTrades offers investors an opportunity to share trading experience, exchange forecasts and investment ideas, monitor breaking news from the stock market, research data and global benchmarks.

WhoTrades has already hooked up several thousand investors worldwide, with offices up and running in the UK, Germany, Russia, Cyprus and other countries.

Global recognition of the investment community, a proven track record and a sterling business reputation are what FX brokerage WhoTrades is all about.