Why retail traders should have market knowledge

Online trading platforms have made forex accessible to anyone with an internet connection. But only the best-prepared traders achieve the levels of returns they desire. Learn to Trade is adept at preparing successful traders


Once exclusively populated by banks, the world of forex trading has seen a major shift recently. The increasing popularity of online trading platforms has democratised the industry and opened it up to traders from all walks of life. It has been estimated that up to $4trn worth of forex trades are carried out every day around the world, many of those by amateur or novice traders taking advantage of the many opportunities offered online.

And while it is true that there are many opportunities to be had with online trading, it is still a complex system that should be learnt. In the interest of achieving best returns, amateurs and novice traders should take time to learn the strategies. According to Learn to Trade (LtoT), a leading forex coaching company, any person can be taught to analyse charts and identify high-probability opportunities.

They have successfully trained “people from an array of backgrounds, including stay-at-home mothers, entrepreneurs, hospitality workers and retirees,” according to a company spokesperson. “This speaks volumes in demonstrating that, with the right training, anyone can become a successful trader.”

Trading plans
Greg Secker, Founder of LtoT, is passionate about empowering people to succeed in forex. He has observed that the enormous trade volumes and quick volatility in the forex market initially puts smaller investors off because of perceived risk, but the financial crisis has actually incentivised people to turn away from stocks and try their hand at forex. He is committed to helping clients spot the nuances in the market and learn its subtle rules and signals. Secker developed the LtoT system initially by coaching friends in his living room. But 10 years later LtoT operates across three continents, offering traders face-to-face training and a live trading floor.

The financial crisis has actually incentivised people to turn away from stocks and try their hand at forex

Through LtoT programmes, aspiring traders are taught the basic concepts and strategies they need to begin successfully trading. “In addition to this, our professional trader coaches will work with our students on a one-on-one basis to set personal goals and develop a tailor-made trading plan in order to ensure they achieve these goals,” says the spokesperson.

This one-on-one time with professional traders, ‘coaches’, is fundamental as it provides the first-hand experience, knowledge, feedback and support that are vital for continued success. “Our coaches are also able to spot any psychological or methodological errors the student is making under live trading conditions and steer them in the right direction,” says the spokesperson. In addition to professional coaches, LtoT has developed an innovative teaching technique known as the Forex Trader Partner Programme, which allows students to trade an account funded by LtoT, using the strategies taught in their two-day course.

The programme is risk managed by a dedicated trader. “These accounts have a profit share in place meaning clients who are profitable are able to keep a percentage of their profit,” explains the spokesperson.

Battle-tested strategy
The LtoT system really stands out because of its dynamic approach to coaching. While competitors might offer training videos and other impersonal tools, LtoT connects with its students to empower them to achieve success with their trades. It runs workshops and courses coached by professional traders who are able to prepare aspiring traders as well as arming them with innovative trading robots and software allowing them to create a sustainable income.

The company’s evolution from a history of training professional traders, together with an enviable number of live trading floors around the world means that the strategies it teaches are battle-tested and performance-tuned to reflect the changing markets.
“Our graduates are kept abreast of news and developments via weekly coaching sessions,” says the spokesperson, “which allows them to keep current with a minimum of personal
time spent.”

For more information: www.learntotrade.co.uk; email: info@learntotrade.co.uk