We are a multi-platform publisher that is privileged to work alongside some of the best journalists in the industry. Our journalists will work closely with you to ensure your copy is the very best that it can be.


Our experienced journalists will work with you to develop engaging topics that make the most of your expertise. They will help you develop copy, or interview key members of your organisation for an article written by us.


Our websites are search engine optmised to maximise exposure of your article to the target audience. All of our websites are optimised for mobile, which means that the experience remains consistent wherever you are and whatever device you're using.

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Mobile apps allow elegance and consistency of the print design, but with the added power of interaction and enhanced user experience.

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Our virtual edition retains all the elements of the print design so that you can leaf through the magazine from your desktop with ease. A dedicated menu allows you to easily share your article online, as well as embed it on your website.

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Our dedicated video production team is experienced in creating dynamic and engaging video packages which include: corporate introductions to showcase your business, studio interviews to discuss industry challenges, event capture to celebrate the success of your industry event, documentary series to tell your story in richer detail, subject masterclasses for educational purposes, and studio-to-office interviews for when constraints on time and budget make filming from your offices more convenient.


We invite a representative of your company to be interviewed by a member of our experienced in-house video team. The video can be filmed in studios in the heart of the City of London (Prestige Studio Interview package), at our London headquarters (Studio Interview package) or as a studio-to-office interview (Studio-To-Office package) via remote link-up. The video will appear on the worldfinance.com website, on our popular YouTube channel and will also be available for download from the Apple iTunes store.

Studio Interview

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Prestige Studio Interview

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Corporate Introduction

Show and tell your story with a corporate introduction: a short film showcasing your business and/or your latest product or service. Filmed on location at your place of work, our corporate introductions combine executive interviews with dynamic B-roll footage. The locations where we record your representatives can be unique, and we’ll be able to film your staff, your customers, your products and your services.

Event Capture

Celebrate the success of your industry event – and promote your next one – by capturing it in a series of videos. We’ll interview your key speakers and a selection of attendees, while filming dynamic B-roll throughout your event. Then we’ll edit everything together into a series of videos exploring the key themes of the conference, with an opening sizzle reel to draw the audience in.

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Tell your story in richer detail with a documentary series: a 20-30 minute corporate video, split into short 4-5 minute episodes for easy consumption and sharing. We’ll explore your business and your ambitions in the context of your industry, market and geography. Similar to a corporate introduction, a documentary series combines multiple interviews with different stakeholders and extensive B-roll filmed over several days.

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Subject Masterclass

Establish yourself as a thought leader in your field with a series of educational videos. Filmed on location or in our studios, a subject masterclass dives deep into your service area to help prospective clients understand the challenges that you can help them solve. Our video producer will help you structure and explain your insights in a way that really connects with the audience.


We’ll work with you to develop a 16, 20 or 24 page sponsored print and digital supplement focused on a specific industry or geographical region, which is produced in-house by our expert editorial and design teams. The sponsor’s logo features prominently on the front cover and there is also space for a four-page keynote editorial.

Below, there are three examples of our supplements. To see more examples, explore the Supplements section at worldfinance.com/supplements.


A showcase for your company on a compact standalone editorial site, written and designed by World News Media’s expert editorial and digital teams. The site is also search engine optimised with high keyword density for key phrases.

The site will run from a customised subdomain of the World Finance site, but will show up in organic search results as a discrete site, thereby providing an independent editorial context to your company profile, case study or video, and harnessing the power of the search engine to gain ground over competitors in the same marketplace.

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Technological advances in renewable energy SPACs in Malaysia Invest in Lebanon

Public Relations

For over 20 years, we’ve been at the forefront of business and financial publishing, shining a light on content for decision-makers and innovators around the globe. We use various platforms and communication channels to convey a precise message to the target audience, thus building brand reputation and strengthening your position in the market. Our comprehensive PR approach utilises various media types, including social media campaigns, press releases, email blasts, print and web publications and advertisements, videos and podcasts.

Online Coverage

Your editorial and video coverage, as well as your microsite, will be fully optimised for mobile devices and SEO to ensure maximum visibility for your content in search engine results.

Additionally, the issue will be downloadable from the App Store and Google Play through World Finance’s dedicated iOS and Android apps. The apps are free to download and, with enhanced graphic design and plenty of high quality images, offer a similar user experience to the print version - ideal to view on mobile devices with larger screens, such as iPad and Android tablets.

Email Blast

Coverage will be detailed via an email blast to 35,000 decision makers that make up our subscriber base. This base includes individuals within leading multinational companies, governments, global banks, private and public institutional investors, and SRI investors.

Press Release

Your coverage will be sent to a comprehensive list of newsrooms around the world including national and regional newspapers, magazines, radio and televisions stations, news agencies and online news services. This includes promotion to relevant trade journalists and to over 3,600 online services. Our press releases are regularly viewed by journalists at large media organisations such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Lexis Nexis, Yahoo!, AOL, Excite, MSN.com and CNET.


Company Turnover

  • 150-30045%
  • 300-45017%
  • 450-60015%
  • 600-7508%
  • 750-1,0008%
  • >1,0007%

Geographical distribution

  • Western Europe19%
  • Eastern and Central Europe14%
  • Middle East10%
  • North America22%
  • Asia Pacific13%
  • Central and South America14%
  • Africa8%

Job Title Breakdown

  • CFO/Treasury30%
  • President/Chairman26%
  • Head of Department24%
  • Legal/Advisory17%
  • Other3%

Sector breakdown

  • Corporate34%
  • Finance31%
  • Investor30%
  • Government5%


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Platinium Package


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Gold Package


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Silver Package


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