Libertex strengthens one-stop CFD shop with indices, explores equities

Marios Chailis introduces Libertex's award-winning investment platform

March 12, 2020

Libertex is a multinational CFD and cryptocurrency broker. Its comprehensive investment platform offers 213 tradable assets to 2.2 million clients across 40 countries, and has won over 30 international awards. Marios Chailis, Chief Marketing Officer for Libertex Group, introduces the company and platform, and explains how Libertex is working with regulators to ensure it’s offering profitable and trustworthy services to its clients. You can also watch the other half of this interview, where he dives into Libertex’s cryptocurrency offering.

World Finance: Marios, introduce us to the company behind those numbers.

Marios Chailis: Thank you Paul. So, Libertex was established more than two decades ago. We operate in multiple jurisdictions, mainly in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

The company has been enjoying tremendous growth over the last several years. We’ve invested a lot in our in-house technology, developing our own applications and trading platforms, which is something that enabled us to sort of stand out from a crowded marketplace. And I would like to think offer a better product to the many traders who choose to work with us.

World Finance: As you say, it is an incredibly crowded marketplace; is the platform what really sets you apart?

Marios Chailis: Well it’s definitely one of the main things. Credit is due to our founder – he identified that mobile trading is the way to go. So we invested a tremendous amount of money and research into developing our mobile trading applications. And we were, I would say, one of the pioneers of online mobile trading.

Obviously you can trade any kind of CFD, forex, cryptocurrencies; but we’re really strengthening our indices offering right now. We’re also looking into getting into shares, equities, traditional equities. And we’re discussing multiple joint ventures with some high profile partners that unfortunately I can’t name right now! But: very exciting things are on the way.

World Finance: Now I mentioned that you are available across 40 different countries; how are you working with regulators to make sure that you’re offering profitable and trustworthy services to your clients?

Marios Chailis: Well, the industry has changed quite a bit over the last few years. Starting with Europe, ESMA introduced a lot stricter guidelines about how financial service companies need to operate.

We’ve taken that at heart and we positioned regulation and compliance as one of our number one priorities. So across Europe and all our other entities worldwide, we try to adhere to the strictest regulation – even in the places where the local regulation is more lax.

So, all our KYC checks, all our compliance methods, even our back office teams; they all go through the same level of due diligence as our most regulated entities.

We understand that the industry is going to head in that direction globally, eventually – following the example set by ESMA in Europe. We’re really, really pushing for that, and it’s something that we welcome.

We fell it’s going to clear out some of the outfits that are less trustworthy! And allow companies like ours to shine, and continue providing the service that we strive for.

World Finance: And what would you say is most important among the services and support that you offer to your customers?

Marios Chailis: You know, we put a lot of emphasis on education. It’s one of the things that really sets us apart.  We have a tremendous team that works 24 hours a day to produce amazing content in regards to education, training seminars, webinars, all kinds of material that our traders find very interesting, and really helps them position themselves better before they start trading.

So we like to take care of them from the moment they open their trading account, and making sure that they are as knowledgeable as possible before they place their first trade.

World Finance: Marios, thank you very much.

Marios Chailis: Thank you.