Banco Popular: Innovation and the voice of the customer

BPD VP Arturo Grullón Finet introduces the first ever digital banking branch in the Dominican Republic

March 12, 2019

In September 2018, Banco Popular Dominicano launched the Banco Popular Digital Centre – the first digital branch in the Dominican Republic. Arturo Grullón Finet, Executive Vice President of Personal Businesses and Branches, explains how the centre is helping customers interact with the bank faster and more efficiently, as well as enabling collaboration between its SME and young entrepreneur customers.

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Arturo Grullón Finet: I think innovation… it’s not only one of our core values. I think it’s what changes the game in life, and in business.

This is why in September 2018 we launched the first digital centre in Banco Popular, which is the first digital branch of the country.

This centre is part of our service network, and it is designed to change the customer journey towards self-service, towards digital services, and we have learned a lot from it.

For instance, at the digital centre we have installed the latest generation of smart ATMs. So in addition to making withdrawals and deposits, customers can pay their loans and their credit cards with cash or funding from their accounts. This is highly convenient, and it’s a time saver for our customers.

Additionally, our digital centre reserves space for customer educational talks on innovation, digital culture, personal finance, and new business trends. And we have a co-working area, designed to facilitate work meetings between SMEs, young entrepreneurs, and any customers that need it.

Banco Popular gives priority to customer satisfaction. In fact, it is one of our main values. And we work daily to preserve and deserve their preferences.

Right now, more than 91 percent express their satisfaction, and more than 81 percent indicated that Banco Popular is the institution that provides the best service in the banking sector. They find it to be the most reliable bank, and most importantly, it is their main bank.

Digital transformation is the name of the game. And we will talk about digital transformation, we talk about technology, but we especially talk about processes and people. These are the three factors that can guarantee high quality standards that will gain the trust of our customers.

Every day we are revising and improving the delivery mechanisms of our products and services, with the goal of providing an efficient and paperless service to our customers.

We believe digital will bring you closer. We believe digital will put the bank in the palm of your hand, in your house. And this place we’ve built with a lot of work, and a lot of love, and a lot of people involved, is going to change the game for the future of the bank.