BBVA Bancomer’s digital success launches the bank ahead of competition

"Change will happen… with or without us," says Hugo Nájera. But BBVA Bancomer is here to stay

February 7, 2018

Technology is revolutionising the banking industry. Pressures from brand new, often unregulated competitors, and from greater than ever customer expectations, are pushing banks to accelerate their digital journey. For Head of Business Development Hugo Nájera, transforming the way BBVA Bancomer works is absolutely imperative. He explains how the bank is changing the customer experience: making banking simpler, more convenient, and providing more and more products and services with just one click.

Hugo Nájera: We really want to change and lead the transformation for the banking industry. And we’re doing that indeed. But you know, the change will happen. It is happening, with or without us.

World Finance: Bancomer’s mobile banking app is rated the best in the Mexican market. Embracing technology is creating new ways to engage with and serve the bank’s customers

Hugo Nájera: We are changing the customer experience. Hitting relevance and differentiation for the customer. We are not just allowing them to see their balance or do transactions. With us they can get a consumer loan in just one click. A credit card in just one click. A certificate for a loan or mortgage in just one click. You have access to our big product and service catalogue through the mobile device in just one click.

And it is not just for loans, but for accounts, insurance, and payroll payments.

The amazing quantity of data that we can keep and process is a great opportunity to transform the customer knowledge and relevant offer for the customer. And that’s the best use we can do with the technology. That’s the way we can bring the age of opportunity for everyone.

World Finance: And building that age of opportunity is paying dividends.

Hugo Nájera: First, we have five million digital customers; our next competitor has just half of this.

Second, during 2017Q4, digital sales have been reaching 30 percent of the total volume of sales in Bancomer. And that’s a huge number in an economy like Mexico.

And third: seven out of 10 people who decide a change in their payroll payments decide for us; for Bancomer. And 50 percent are through the mobile device. So, powerful indeed.