Views from FELABAN 2012: Kely Melo, Bloomberg

World Finance interviews Kely Melo, Sales Associate at Bloomberg, on the conference floor of FELABAN 2012 in Lima

December 20, 2012

Kely Melo tells World Finance how the transparency Bloomberg brings to markets is helping investors in Brazil and across Latin America, and talks about the outlook for the region in 2013.

Many of our clients are banking institutions, financial institutions, and we have them here in Peru as a client and all over the world, and this is also to understand their plans also for 2013, their plans here in Peru, and how we can work together.

The challenge is economic, obviously, and how we can continue to grow as a country, as an economy, and for the bank side, how we are going to avoid the impact of the crisis we have around the world.

Our presence in Brazil is growing, much faster than before, and I think that the transparency that Bloomberg provides for the market is something that’s been very well accepted. And being reliable: in news, in financial services, so we are trying to fit to Brazil needs, and also here in Peru, to their needs for systems technology.

The outlook is sort of positive in my point of view, in comparison to what’s happening around the world. It’s a challenge to understand how we’re going to perform, having China and other countries not importing from Brazil, which is a big exporter country. So, I think it won’t be as bad as it was this year, but still we’re going to face big challenges.