Kuwait International Bank remains “dedicated to serving the greater good”

Head of Corporate Communications Nawaf Najia discusses KIB's corporate social responsibility programme

February 10, 2017

In 2017, Kuwait International Bank will be celebrating 10 years since it transformed into a fully Sharia-compliant bank. Nawaf Najia, Head of Corporate Communications for the bank, explains how important giving back to the community is to KIB’s vision of Islamic finance. He expands on the bank’s initiatives around financial literacy, religious education, and supporting local champions. If you’re starting here, do go back and watch the first half of our interview with Nawaf, where he addresses the importance of investing in local talent to ensure the banking industry in Kuwait – and across the GCC – is sustainable and innovative.

World Finance: This year Kuwait International Bank will be celebrating 10 years since it transformed into a fully Sharia-compliant bank: how important is giving back to the community to KIB’s vision of Islamic finance?

Nawaf Najia: Well, this is a key element that makes Islamic banking such a unique and successful model: we have a responsibility not only to provide the best financial solutions, but also the best social initiatives and community programmes that truly serve all segments of our community.

We remain dedicated to serving the greater good of the community, and we are also committed to creating a sustainable model that strives to achieve not only profitability but social development as well.

World Finance: Central to your CSR programme is developing financial literacy.

Nawaf Najia: Yes, financial literacy is the flagship component of our social responsibility programme. We seek to draw upon long and extensive industry expertise in order to spread financial awareness and economic education, starting at an early age.

Over the past few years, we have developed a number of financial literacy initiatives, including an ongoing calendar of educational school visits and interactive workshops. We are currently working on developing and implementing a number of new initiatives and platforms in 2017. Our goal is to ultimately spread financial literacy to every segment of the community.

World Finance: Promoting spirituality is another core part of your CSR activity – including encouraging charitable giving during Ramadan.

Nawaf Najia: I believe as an Islamic financial institution, it is only natural that we devote special attention to the area of religious education.

Throughout the year, we have organised and supported numerous religious programmes and humanitarian initiatives, targeting different segments of the community.

Through these programmes, KIB seeks to strengthen Islamic values and principles across society, encouraging greater spirituality in everyday life.

The Holy Month of Ramadan occupies a huge part of our religious programme, and we seek to promote a culture of generosity and giving during the month.

World Finance: You’re also committed to supporting local champions and talents in Kuwait – how are you achieving this?

Nawaf Najia: Yes: we believe that there is a wealth of talent and creativity in Kuwait, which simply requires appropriate support and encouragement in order to prosper.

We are committed to investing in these talented professionals, gifted athletes, and creative individuals; and offering them full support when they take part in various local and international events.

Not just that; throughout the year, we participate in sponsoring countless youth-focused events, lending our financial and moral support to this key segment of the population.

World Finance: Nawaf, thank you very much.

Nawaf Najia: Thank you.