New routes to a better world and health for all

Izmir, candidate city for EXPO 2020, has a rich history of providing forward-thinking luminaries in healthcare. Keeping with that theme, Izmir’s message for 2020 is better health for all

Credit: Emre Akcakalee 

EXPO 2020 Izmir will be a major step forward in solving the health challenges the world faces today. EXPO 2020 Izmir aims to increase awareness of health among individuals and signpost healthy living habits in different countries. It will demonstrate best practices and innovative approaches to health issues. Izmir plans to bring together people, organisations, and companies to work for a healthier world.

The world deserves a healthier future
Health is one of the most important issues in mankind’s history. Today, developing and developed countries alike are both confronted by diverse challenges on healthcare. Izmir dreams of a world where everyone can receive high-quality healthcare services. With EXPO 2020, Izmir wants to be the platform that brings together all countries to share problems, as well as solutions, for a healthier world.

EXPO 2020 Izmir is designed to assist in the worldwide battle against health challenges and help make life better for the people of all countries. Specifically, it will draw on what we believe is Turkey’s remarkable experience in creating high-quality modern health services for its people in recent years.

Turkey is already sharing its vision on world health with other countries through international aid and relief efforts.Through EXPO 2020 Izmir, Turkey plans to share its experience and learn from others.

How will Izmir 2020 improve health?
EXPO 2020 Izmir will be designed to bring together people, organisations, companies, and systems from across the world, harnessing their energies to serve the common goal of ‘Health for All’ for humanity.

EXPO 2020 Izmir will focus on best practice, innovation, and areas of success in healthcare. The aim will be to show what has been achieved in healthcare globally and how those achievements can be rolled out to others. Izmir plans to put particular stress on innovation and practicality. Izmir’s ‘Health for All’ vision can be turned into reality by implementing four sub-themes for both individuals and society:
– ‘Healthy Living’ is the key to improving the living standards and prolonging lives
of individuals;
– A focus on ‘Public Health and Education’ will permit the effective and equitable use of healthcare resources;
– ‘Innovation’ will provide solutions for current and future health issues;
– ‘Care and Collaboration’ will bring together all involved to act upon global challenges.

The perfect site for EXPO
Izmir has been a world famous city for health for centuries. Izmir’s Asklepion was the world’s first ever mental health hospital and the school of many famous doctors.

Throughout the centuries, Izmir has provided health and healing to its people and its visitors with its medical centres, thermal springs and curative waters. Today, healthy living continues to be a tradition in Izmir.

Citizens of Izmir love exercising and prefer a light, olive oilbased cuisine. Izmir is also a very relaxed and a safe city despite being Turkey’s third-biggest economical force.

Nowadays, Izmir has many health projects underway, in order to be the international health centre of its region in the future.

Izmir possesses all the qualities needed to be the host for EXPO. It is only a three-hour distance by air from almost 50 countries and is located next to the sea, containing many unique historical and tourist sites. Izmir is offering Inciraltı, one of its most beautiful localities, for EXPO. Inciraltı lies by the seashore. It is full of natural wonders and it is easy to reach. Zaha Hadid, winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, will design Izmir’s EXPO site.

A land of sunshine
Since the very earliest times, the Izmir region has been blessed with a unique combination of resources: dazzling natural beauty, gracious cities and fine buildings, a healthy and talented population, and consequently a thriving economy with a high level of prosperity.

Now, Izmir would like to share these blessings with the whole world in an EXPO 2020 that will help future generations enjoy better and healthier lives. Good health should come before everything else in life. Today, modern medicine and healthy living make it possible to free people from age-old scourges which have blighted countless lives down the ages. Izmir invites you to join it in the sunshine of EXPO 2020 Izmir, building a better life for humanity in all countries.

Izmir believe in EXPO
Turkey’s government, the people of Izmir and the whole country pledge their full support for Izmir’s EXPO 2020 candidacy. Izmir is ready to do all that is required to make its dream of ‘Health for All’ into a reality.