Thai hopes to redefine globalisation

The international community should focus on balance and sustainability. That’s the message we can expect from the World Expo 2020, if it is staged in Ayutthaya


Ayutthaya, the chosen site for Thailand’s bid for World Expo 2020, is a city of balance. For over 400 years, Ayutthaya, the capital city of Thailand at the time, was a thriving commercial port and a diplomatic crossroad, where Thailand first welcomed visitors from around the world. Today, it is a modern hub of agriculture and industry, connected to the rest of the country through convenient transportation networks, and is located only 45 minutes by car from Bangkok. Bangkok is an ever-growing city, strategically located at the centre of the ASEAN region and is already well known as a centre of business and commerce, as well as a world-famous destination for tourists. With world-class hospitality and facilities, Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Thailand are in a position to welcome the 37 million visitors expected to attend the Expo.

Thongchai Sridama, Acting President of the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), says that “the Royal Thai Government has highlighted its support for the ‘Expo 2020 Ayutthaya Thailand’ by granting Thailand’s bid as a priority under the National Agenda. The Prime Minister’s office oversees TCEB and is working together with the public and private sectors to facilitate and promote Thailand’s bid to host the expo as an integral part of our national strategy to support the country’s fast-growing business events industry by hosting global mega events.”

The chosen theme for Expo 2020 Ayutthaya Thailand is “redefine globalisation: balanced life, sustainable living”. In a world where globalisation is currently defined as a wave of consumerism and materialism, ‘more’ is seen as being ‘better’. This idea has resulted in a culture of over-consumption, has created gaps throughout the world, and is therefore the basis for many of the world’s current problems. Thailand believes in the need to create a dialogue, to invite the world to redefine globalisation together for a better and more balanced future for everyone.

Wisdom and balance
Thailand’s subthemes are: ‘revive local wisdoms for human well being’, ‘reunite connections for seamless harmony’, ‘rethink creativity for utmost happiness’, and ‘reform life’s values for global solidarity’. These subthemes are meant to inspire new ideas, encourage new ways of thinking, and to be stepping stones for new actions to drive real, tangible changes for the better.

Traditional wisdom and balance also play a key part in the development of Thailand’s master plan for Expo 2020 Ayutthaya. In today’s globalised world, using space as efficiently as possible has become key to city development plans. This has created ‘cities of objects’ around the world, where there are buildings after buildings after buildings. At Expo 2020, Thailand aims to create a ‘city of space’, focusing on the importance of communal areas in which people can come together to share ideas and reconnect with one another. Expo 2020 Ayutthaya aims to leave a lasting impression on the country, the region and the world, by redefining globalisation into the sharing of ideas that will create balance and sustainability in the long term.

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