Celebrating success with next-level trading

Dedicated to expanding its CFD product range, Mitrade’s Branding Executive, Rachel Soh, and Global Partnerships, Mingjie Chen, explain how the company is providing traders with a diverse set of financial instruments while also becoming a one-stop platform for faster, smarter trading


Mitrade has dedicated its efforts in expanding its contract for difference (CFD) product range, reflecting its strong commitment to providing traders with an even more diverse and comprehensive set of trading products. This will benefit traders by offering them a one-stop trading platform to trade faster and smarter – capitalising on a wider array of market opportunities.

Mitrade is an Australian-based CFD broker that embarked on its journey in 2011 with a vision to revolutionise online trading. Over the years, it has emerged as a prominent global trading platform with over 2.4 million users, licensed by different regulatory bodies such as ASIC, CIMA, and FSC (Mauritius), catering to traders from around the globe. Offering an extensive selection of over 400 markets, Mitrade has become synonymous with unparalleled opportunities for traders to engage with a diverse array of financial instruments, spanning stocks, commodities, currencies, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Recognised as a popular trading app, Mitrade has garnered over a million installations across both Google Play and the iOS App Store. This extensive usage demonstrates the trust and preference traders have for this platform to meet their trading requirements. Currently, the trading platform is accessible through mobile applications, desktop, and web trader platforms.

Award-winning platform
Mitrade has established itself as a prominent global trading platform, continuously receiving acclaim as an award-winning entity from its early days up to the present moment. These accolades underline the platform’s dedication to offering outstanding services and innovative solutions to traders. Earlier this year, Mitrade received an award for ‘Best Multi-Asset Broker’ from World Finance. The award recognises Mitrade as the go-to platform for traders, allowing them to have an impressive selection of over 400 trading products such as forex, shares, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. By offering such a wide range of products, Mitrade makes it possible for traders to explore different markets and make investment decisions based on their preferences.

Top-picked trading products
Throughout the year, Mitrade has seen remarkable growth on its trading products. User favourites like NAS100, XAUUSD, AAPL, and EURUSD stand out for their exceptional performance in trading volume. Notably, VinFast Auto (VFS) shares have stood out among the new additions this year, constituting 2.8 percent of the total volume of US shares traded. With this widened scope, Mitrade is determined to elevate its offerings even further – Mitrade ensures traders have access to an extensive portfolio of assets, enabling them to diversify their investments and leverage a broader range of market movements.

We are committed to giving traders the edge they need in the fast-paced financial markets

Hassan Haidar, Head of Dealing at Mitrade, conveys his enthusiasm for the ongoing initiatives in launching new products, saying, “Mitrade is an all-in-one trading platform, crafted for traders of all levels, designed for ease of use and flexibility. We are committed to giving traders the edge they need in the fast-paced financial markets. This broadened range of CFD products, combined with our intuitive trading platform, underscores our steadfast promise to offer our clients diversification and flexibility.”

He goes on to express gratitude, saying, “I want to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our users who have supported Mitrade on this incredible journey. Your feedback and support have been instrumental in shaping our platform into what it is today. We remain dedicated to continuously improving and innovating to meet your evolving needs. Your trust and loyalty are the driving forces behind our continuous efforts to enhance your trading experience. We look forward to many more milestones together.”

Low spreads and zero commission
In the world of financial markets, traders aim to maximise profits by leveraging advantages. Low spreads and zero commission fees are two critical elements that, when combined, create an environment empowering traders by reducing costs and increasing potential gains. Low spreads are pivotal because they directly influence the trades’ breakeven point and potential profitability. A narrow spread means lower initiation costs and a smaller movement required in the trader’s favour to turn a profit. This is especially vital for day traders and scalpers, for whom even small price movements can significantly impact profitability.

Mitrade’s offering of low spreads enhances the trading experience for their users, making them a competitive choice for traders seeking cost-effective solutions. Zero commissions on trades revolutionise online trading by removing the conventional fee structure associated with buying and selling financial instruments, benefiting traders of all levels. This reduction in trading costs is particularly advantageous for frequent traders and those with smaller capital. It also levels the playing field for beginners or those with limited funds, enabling them to learn and experiment without the worry of excessive expenses. Additionally, the absence of commission fees allows for more calculated risk management and encourages a dynamic trading approach.

This model promotes greater portfolio diversification, spreading risk and potentially enhancing overall success. For traders employing longer-term strategies, it allows them to hold positions without the pressure of ongoing fees. This transparency builds trust between traders and their chosen brokerage, eliminating potential conflicts of interest. In essence, zero commissions on trades provide a substantial advantage, streamlining trading for greater accessibility, efficiency, and transparency, while also giving brokerages a competitive edge in the market.

Revolutionising trading
With a focus on speed and efficiency, Mitrade has seamlessly integrated TradingView, a platform trusted by over 550 million users, into its trading interface. This integration brings a powerful set of tools to traders’ fingertips. They can now easily perform technical analysis, which involves studying historical price charts and patterns to make informed decisions about future price movements. This is a crucial aspect of trading, as it helps traders identify potential entry and exit points for their trades.

In addition, Mitrade’s comprehensive platform is bolstered by a suite of educational resources and analytical tools with an AI feature. One of the product highlights was MitradeGPT; an integrated version of ChatGPT and FXStreet news insights into the platform, making Mitrade the first in the CFD world to have this kind of feature. With MitradeGPT, users are able to access real-time insights, personalised guidance and a quick summary to navigate the complexities of financial markets – filtering out the noise from the bustling news environment. These recent product updates aim to equip traders with the knowledge and insights needed to make informed trading decisions. It encompasses market analysis, live webinars, tutorials, and a range of other resources designed to enhance traders’ skills and understanding of the financial markets.

Effective risk management is a cornerstone of successful trading, particularly in volatile market conditions. In any trading platform, when market fluctuations are swift, there’s a potential for losses to exceed your account balance rapidly, potentially resulting in a negative balance following a forced liquidation. To mitigate this risk, Mitrade offers a valuable feature known as negative balance protection.

This safeguard ensures that even if losses temporarily surpass your account balance, the platform will promptly reset it to zero. This feature provides traders with an extra layer of security and confidence, enabling them to navigate the markets with greater peace of mind. It underscores the platform’s commitment to creating a safe and supportive trading environment for all users.

All-in-one educational resource
This year, Mitrade has also revealed the expansion of Mitrade Academy’s educational resources in 10 languages. This launch shows Mitrade’s dedication to helping traders worldwide by giving them easy-to-understand learning materials in their native languages. By offering an extensive range of educational content, including tutorials and trading guides, in languages such as English, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, and more, Mitrade aims to break down language barriers and foster a more inclusive and informed trading community. Mitrade welcomes both existing and new clients to explore our all-in-one trading platform and discover how easy it is to manage multiple investments on a single platform. The company’s steadfast dedication to innovation, user-centricity, and educational empowerment distinguishes it as a leader in the trading industry.

Comprehensive trader support
Mitrade’s 24/5 multilingual local customer service is a testament to their commitment to providing tailored and accessible support to traders worldwide. With a team proficient in various languages, they ensure that assistance is available whenever traders need it, from Monday to Friday.

This localised approach means that traders can communicate in their preferred language, facilitating clearer and more effective resolutions to their queries or concerns. This personalised service not only fosters a stronger sense of trust and reliability but also reflects Mitrade’s dedication to creating a global trading environment that feels truly welcoming and inclusive for all.