Information is a forex trader’s greatest asset

RFXT’s relaunched website offers exclusive technical analysis to support its multi-platform, multi-market brokerage services

August 23, 2011

Royal Forex Trading S.A.L. (RFXT) is a success story fuelled by dynamism. A financial brokerage firm founded in Lebanon in 2008, the firm has grown substantially in just three years. The company is officially registered and regulated by Banque Du Liban (Lebanon’s central bank) and is powered by multiple agreements with top technology and liquidity providers for optimal access to international money markets.

The company’s founders launched the firm with a clear mission and defined objectives: to create the fastest and most accurate trading execution service in the Middle East, by building on their understanding of the brokerage business and extensive connections with leading liquidity providers throughout the world. This has proven to be an award winning formula and has positioned RFXT as the most informed and effective regional brokerage firm.

Today the firm is actively promoting itself as a fully-fledged brand around the world – yet it remains focused on building an integrated business culture and seeking new opportunities while mindful of the potential risks.

Brokerage with vision
The underlying principles of RFXT – fair business practice, foreign exchange regulation and increased investor protection – are driven by the company’s visionary management team, trained by some of the industry’s largest and most respected financial institutions.

However, RFXT’s enterprising contribution to the world of online trading is its user-centric approach. The company was designed by retail traders who understand the evolving demands of this new and growing market sector, and the inherent challenges of doing business in today’s globalised Middle East. This is why, built into RFXT’s advanced interface design, is a multi-lingual (Arabic, English, Chinese, Turkish and French) 24-hour support centre and round-the-clock phone trading for trade execution and modification, as well as for receiving trading signals and recommendations, in order to address the needs of its diverse trading base.

The main catalyst that has contributed to RFXT’s success and growth is the firm’s commitment to listening to its clients and developing viable solutions to the feedback received. This is made possible via the company’s team of specialists: encompassing professionals in financial consulting, dealing services, legal and compliance, support, as well as operations. The team continues to attract specialists from various fields connected to the online trading arena.

Optimised technology
As a one-stop brokerage, RFXT offers trading of forex, spot metals, CFDs, futures, stocks and options. The firm’s trading software leverages the power and liquidity of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions through an easy-to-use yet functionally rich trading environment.

A combination of technological platforms provide optimal results: MT4 for forex, spot metals and CFDs; CQG for futures trading; ROX Systems Platform for stocks trading (global equities) and Currenex for access to a deep liquidity pool and pricings from over 16 banks simultaneously.

All this is supported by RFXT’s special daily reports, compiled by industry veteran Victor Andrea; a comprehensive market briefing; lists of daily expected figures and news releases; and the Daily Edge report, which provides a market overview of the four major currency pairs, oil and gold, as well as technical analysis, indicators and studies (MA, Fibonacci, RSI, MACD etc). SMS updates alert clients to major economic figures, trade opportunities and market events and even remind them of CFD and future contract rollovers.

Since information is a foreign exchange trader’s greatest asset, as a leading online trading broker, Royal Forex Trading opted to empower clients with exclusive information. Its website features a secure members-only area detailing the latest economic news and technical analysis. Created as a response to RFXT’s rapid growth since its inception in 2008, the new site is highly interactive and offers browser, desktop and mobile phone-based trading platforms. Institutional and retail clients can execute trades online from the RFXT platforms or via the brokerage’s 24-hour trade desk.

Reliable liquidity
Through the firm’s back-end system, clients can access liquidity from a global network of banks. RFXT strives to offer definitive futures trading solutions by providing the services and tools needed to assist novice traders and experienced veterans in commodity trading plans. The direct access to global equity trading comes in various plans to suit the specific needs of individual traders, institutional traders, day traders and position traders. RFXT’s options give clients access to easy-to-use order tickets tailored for a wide array of complex strategies. The overall result is a firm clients can turn to for all their brokerage needs.

RFXT understands that client satisfaction is paramount, so it is dedicated to delivering superior pricings, execution and technology. This is why the firm works with its clients as strategic partners to create and execute lucrative solutions that address clients’ most pressing strategic, financial and trading needs anywhere in the world. This also translates into delivering quality at all times.

This manifests itself in a wealth of advantages which extends beyond the ability to service thousands of clients over 120 countries. RFXT adheres to bank secrecy codes and demonstrates transparency with daily statements sent to live account holders. Furthermore, the firm ensures that all customer funds are independent of the company’s operational funds.

Personal, responsive service
Prospective clients can explore RFXT’s offerings with free live feed demo accounts. Once tried, prospective clients tend to become loyal clients – especially since the company launched its new website in April this year.

RFXT Chairman and CEO Rayan El Annan explains, “The RFXT team wanted to provide value to traders beyond the ability to securely execute trades from anywhere. Now, with, the advanced tools and market analysis used by professional traders is available to RFXT clients.”

With a minimum deposit of $2,500, trading via RFXT is possible for even the most conservative traders. “Superior customer service is a bedrock principle of RFXT,” says El Annan. “From our state-of-the-art trading platforms to the new interactive site, everything RFXT does is carefully developed with the client in mind. Though we are expanding globally, the new will give traders the same personal, responsive service and expert advice they have come to expect from RFXT.”

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