Bringing quality of service to the Forex market

CFD broker M4Markets is leading the way with its tech-forward approach, helping traders get the most out of their investments across forex, indices, commodities and beyond and putting transparency at the heart


In recent years, a slew of investors have made the move from traditional markets to forex, recognising the vast potential within the sector. With a daily turnover of more than $5trn, forex is the world’s biggest and most liquid financial market, drawing those looking to capitalise on the opportunities. FX trading is at the heart of M4Markets – a CFD broker that also offers trading in commodities, indices, shares and crypto, partnering with leading financial institutions to provide a deep liquidity pool. Founded in 2019 by a group of financial experts, the brokerage offers two platforms – MT4 and MT5, with accessible prices enabling traders of all experience levels to invest. World Finance spoke to M4Markets to hear more about the services on offer, its customer-centric approach and how the brokerage is using technology to optimise trading conditions for its customers.

What is M4Markets background and what were your goals from the outset?
M4Markets was founded by investors and traders who had long-standing experience in investment banking, bringing a wealth of valuable knowledge and insights. One of the forces driving the birth of M4Markets was the lack of quality service in the FX and CFD industry. We wanted to build a brokerage where all clients would be treated equally and where they could enjoy a premium service.

Our resources and tools are available to everyone, without any discrimination

We also wanted to build a brokerage that was fair and transparent, which is why we invested in best-in-class technology and have ensured that we are very transparent about all costs and charges.

How do you define CFD trading and what are the advantages of trading CFDs?
Trading CFDs (contracts for difference) allows you to trade the value of an underlying asset without owning it – meaning it can be bought at a lower cost than buying the asset outright. It’s easier to execute, provides more flexibility and is faster paced than traditional investments in markets such as stocks, futures and indices. Of course, it should also be mentioned that there are increased risks with trading CFDs, which is why risk management is crucial.

M4Markets prides itself on its customer-centric approach; what are the key tenets of this and how does it benefit traders?
We believe all traders, whether they’re investing $5 (which is our minimum deposit) or hundreds of thousands of dollars, should be treated equally. We understand that whatever amount is being invested is important to the trader, and we make sure that our support teams make time to assist all our traders equally. At the same time, our resources and tools are available to everyone, without any discrimination. This means that all traders have equal opportunities in the markets, no matter what their investment background is.

How does your approach differ from other brokers?
At M4Markets, we believe our traders are our biggest assets, and we do our best to ensure they have every opportunity available to them. We aim to be completely transparent, and we have ensured that our trading environment is one of the best in the industry.

What advantages are there to trading with M4Markets?
As a multi-regulated broker, we offer various layers of protection to our traders as well as an extremely competitive trading environment, with low costs and a multitude of assets available to them.

What is the current trading environment like and what are the key challenges for the future?
The industry is currently being reshaped by tighter regulation across the globe. This is ultimately in the interests of traders, but we expect that as regulation continues to change, there will be challenges to overcome. How this develops remains to be seen.

How can technology help overcome the challenges?
As the forex industry is extremely liquid, changes are very rapid and technology helps make sure that when a client wants to place a specific trade at a specific price, they can. We understand that fast execution and low latency is crucial and essential in offering a stable and reliable trading environment, so we have invested in cutting-edge technology to help deliver the best possible service.

How does M4Markets differ from competitors with its use of technology?
We offer the two most popular trading platforms in the industry: MT4 and MT5. These offer vast resources to traders, while at the same time being very user-friendly. We are also one of the few companies to offer two copy trading systems – one of these is available through an app and connects traders to a huge community of other traders, while the other is more exclusive and allows traders to choose their mentors.

What’s your vision for the future?
We are expanding our regulatory profile and we are also testing new tools and resources that we hope to make available to our clients. We are beyond excited with our growth so far – we have managed to establish ourselves as one of the key competitors in the sector, and we look forward to the opportunities the future presents for both us and our traders.