The fintech evolution is elevating the trading experience

Led by industry experts, SquaredFinancial has ambitions to harness technological innovation to provide a groundbreaking experience for traders and investors alike


Over the past few decades, finance and technology have intersected, sparking a revolution in the way we manage, invest, and trade our assets. A new era of accessibility and innovation has been introduced; it has redefined traditional brokerage models and has since greatly impacted financial services and online trading and investment.

Leaders around the world are challenged to integrate technology into their strategies and plans, in order to meet the evolving needs of their clientele. Philippe Ghanem, Founder and CEO of fintech firm SquaredFinancial, stands at the forefront of this revolution, pioneering a vision to transform his online brokerage firm into a one-stop shop for investors around the world. Today, SquaredFinancial is a renowned online gateway that offers investors and traders around the world access to the world’s most popular financial markets.

Leading the fintech frontier
Ghanem’s vision for trading extends beyond traditional brokerage offerings. He founded SquaredFinancial in 2005 out of Dublin, driven by his fascination about technology and fuelled by the idea of changing people’s perception of trading. By leveraging the power of technology, SquaredFinancial aims to revolutionise the investment landscape, providing a comprehensive range of products and services in one place. From cutting-edge trading tools, market analysis and state-of-the-art trading platforms, to banking-like conveniences such as debit cards and fixed deposit accounts, the company is dedicated to simplifying and enriching investor experience and making trading the financial markets accessible to all. Whether it is trading stocks CFDs, forex CFDs, or cryptocurrencies CFDs, or accessing expert market views and analyses, SquaredFinancial aims to provide a seamless and integrated experience for its clients, as well as the proper education and knowledge of the markets and their drivers, that will help them make informed decisions.

With over two decades of experience in the trading and financial industries, Ghanem showcases a wealth of expertise and innovation. Widely regarded as an innovator and visionary in global financial markets, Ghanem has built a reputation for founding and nurturing financial services companies grounded in his deep understanding of trading systems. His strong belief in the power of innovation and technology has fostered strong customer relationships and paved the way for innovative products and services. At SquaredFinancial, Ghanem leads a team of industry experts who share his passion for trading, ensuring that education, analysis, and expert views form the cornerstone of the company’s wealth of expertise offered to their global clients and investors, a rich know-how that will help them elevate their trading experience.

Quality over quantity
We live in a fast-paced digital world submerged with information, where quality is often dimmed by quantity. However, Ghanem believes that true success lies not in the overwhelming volume of content that people encounter in their traditional and digital feeds, but rather in the originality, relevance, and impact of what is produced and how they react to it and interact with it. In every sector or industry, consumers are interested in authenticity, reliability, and value.

Whether it is in product development, content creation, or customer service, prioritising quality fosters trust, loyalty, and distinction. Ghanem is keen on investing time and resources into creating ideas and delivering exceptional experiences and quality service. Which is why, in its pursuit of excellence, SquaredFinancial is committed to quality that lasts, building long-term partnerships with its clients and stakeholders.

Ghanem is a strong believer that excellence and personalisation are the pillars to positioning his company as a leader in the financial industry. In today’s competitive investment landscape, where products and services are often similar, tailored customer service and support are key in creating trust and loyalty. SquaredFinancial offers investors innovative products with competitive pricing and conditions, alongside high security and transparency. The company understands that supporting clients goes beyond resolving issues.

The team strives to offer them an exceptional and localised support that encompasses understanding and anticipating their needs, empathising with their challenges, and providing tailored solutions with efficiency and proactivity. Each interaction becomes an opportunity to exceed expectations and build trust. This dedication to quality service not only resolves issues but also transforms customer challenges into opportunities to strengthen relationships.

Resilience of the trading industry
The financial markets are historically known for being volatile, subject to fluctuations driven by a host of factors, from geopolitical events to economic indicators. In such a dynamic environment, resilience is key to success. Ghanem understands the importance of adaptability, guiding SquaredFinancial through with determination and insight. By embracing innovation and technology, the company has emerged stronger than ever, well grounded, and led by industry experts.

SquaredFinancial aims to revolutionise the way investors access and manage their finances

The rise of fintech has brought a new era in finance, disrupting traditional models and democratising access to financial services. From mobile banking to robo-advisors, fintech innovations have reshaped the industry landscape, empowering consumers and investors alike. Ghanem recognised the transformative potential of fintech early on, laying the groundwork for SquaredFinancial to thrive in this rapidly evolving ecosystem.

Since its inception, the company has been guided by a sole vision; to revolutionise the way investors perceive the trading industry and engage with financial markets. Under Ghanem’s leadership, the company has pioneered a range of innovative solutions designed to simplify the investment process. From its intuitive mobile trading platform to advanced market analysis tools, SquaredFinancial is committed to making trading accessible to investors of all backgrounds and experience levels.

With great knowledge
Empowering investors with knowledge is crucial to SquaredFinancial’s values. Ghanem recognises the importance of education and transparency in fostering trust and confidence among clients. Through a range of educational initiatives, including podcasts, webinars, seminars, and analyses, SquaredFinancial provides clients with the tools and information they need to make informed investment decisions. By simplifying the intricacies of the financial markets, the company empowers investors to take charge of their financial futures.

By embracing innovation and technology, the company has emerged stronger than ever

In today’s interconnected world, diversification is essential to mitigate risk and try to maximise returns. Ghanem understands the importance of spreading risk across diverse markets and asset classes, helping investors navigate volatile market conditions with confidence. Through innovative investment strategies and expert market analysis, SquaredFinancial empowers clients to build diversified portfolios according to their financial profiles, tailored to their individual risk tolerance and financial objectives.

At the heart of SquaredFinancial’s innovation strategy lies the power of AI and big data analytics. Ghanem is a strong believer in the potential of these technologies to revolutionise the investment landscape. By leveraging AI algorithms and advanced data analytics, the company gains valuable information about market trends, identifying investment opportunities and risks. From in-depth analytics to algorithmic trading strategies, SquaredFinancial can stay ahead of the curve and accompany its clients on their trading journey.

EMIs and big tech
As the financial landscape evolves, the role of Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) has become increasingly prominent. EMIs leverage technology to offer innovative financial services. Ghanem is aware of the potential of EMIs to drive innovation and efficiency within SquaredFinancial, which is why the company aspires to create a one-stop shop for investors, offering innovative financial services and breaking the lines between traditional banking and fintech. By harnessing the power of big tech and AI, SquaredFinancial aims to revolutionise the way investors access and manage their finances.

Beyond healthy trading, Ghanem is a passionate advocate for impact investing, championing the alignment of financial goals with societal benefits. Impact investing seeks to generate positive social outcomes, addressing global challenges such as social inequality and sustainable investment. By leveraging the power of data-driven decision-making, SquaredFinancial aims to identify investment opportunities for all to promote economic inclusion, help reduce inequalities, and create meaningful impact.