Bypass the broker with automatic managed trading

Privileged access to market information and leading technology
gives clients the benefit of split-second analysis and reaction


Inovatrade is a Panamanian brokerage firm offering specialised forex brokerage to clients 24-hours a day, five days a week. With more than seven years of forex trading experience and customers in more than 100 countries, Inovatrade is one of Panama’s fastest growing forex service providers, with significant advances in market share since its inception in 2004.

The company’s headquarters are based in the heart of Panama City, one of Central America’s most reputable financial centres, known for its financial integrity, stability and banking secrecy laws.

As a full brokerage firm focused on forex, Inovatrade is deeply committed to providing its partners and clients with the most comprehensive and competitive forex solutions in the industry. To achieve this, the firm delivers tight trading spreads in its unique InTrade ECN marketplace, which offers liquidity from more than 52 providers and the highest levels of customer service and technological innovation.

Inovatrade’s research department offers clients premium technical analysis and research products developed by a leading team of financial and economic experts. With more than 50 years of combined industry experience, the team produces high-quality technical analysis and macroeconomic reports available to clients on a daily basis.

Its portfolio is managed to continue providing outstanding investment returns over the long term for clients, regardless of their level of investment. Inovatrade caters to the larger investor by applying a comfortable balance between risk tolerance and potential profitability; while presenting a far greater than average return for the mid-size IRA holder seeking to better their financial future. The company does all this while maintaining a broad stream of contact with its clients in an effort to better educate them in the field of forex investment management and a unique degree of portfolio diversification.

Putting clients first
InovaTrade’s primary mission is to become the world’s preferred foreign exchange specialist service provider. It is dedicated to building long-term relationships with its clients by strengthening trust and building confidence. InovaTrade partners and clients are at the core of the company’s existence, and they are its most important asset. By placing clients’ interest first, the company recognises the importance of achieving an intimate level of understanding of its clients’ needs and how to accommodate them.

As the business grows, the goal is also to expand the level of social responsibility, fulfilling its professional duty to give back to society whenever possible, and seek to develop a sound philanthropic foundation.

From operational procedures to technology, Inovatrade strongly believes that in order to remain competitive and help grow its clients’ business, innovation is an intrinsic necessity. By providing the latest tools, products and services, InovaTrade is establishing itself as a leader, rather than a mere operator, in the industry.

Inovatrade offers world-class business partnership solutions for banks, financial institutions, brokers and private investors through its white label, asset manager, prime broker and business finder programmes. Partnership solutions can be customised according to its partner’s business strategy, with flexible income sharing plans and value-adding support features.

Direct market access
One of the many advantages that InovaTrade’s ECN style trading has for forex traders, portfolio managers and investors is its anonymity – which no other trading style can provide – due to the fact that ECN trading gives the trader and portfolio manager access to multiple inter-bank liquidity providers, and 90 percent of the time the trades are opened at one counterparty and closed at another.

As a result, the ECN style gives traders and portfolio managers the freedom to apply any trading method with no restrictions – unlike the market maker style. This style of trading, which has dominated the forex retail market for a long time, is where the market maker is the only counterparty that takes the other side of each trade – resulting in big conflicts of interest between the broker and traders.

Inovatrade offers several different trading platforms, including MT4, InovaTrade’s inter-banking platform, and a Financial Information Exchange (FIX) API. The Inovatrade platform allows arbitrage trading for managed account holders. This uses proprietary expert advisors (automated trading software), developed and maintained by Inovatrade. MT4 offers many favourable conditions such as ECN inter-banking spreads, complimentary expert advisor hosting, an expert advisor optimised environment, including micro lot trading and hedging, and MQ language support to create a personalised trading system. Accounts can be funded with sterling, Swiss franc, euro or dollars, and personalised customer services and 100 percent segregated accounts are available.

Trust in experts
The advantage of the managed trading account in InovaTrade is that it uses automated forex trading strategies and risk management control developed in-house, with the extraordinary trading conditions of InovaTrade’s ECN. This automated trading system has been developed by professional traders with experience drawn from institutional foreign exchange trading, in close collaboration with some of the best financial IT specialists.

The Inovatrade team has been able to design an automated strategy, capitalising on its privileged access to the market information and its leading technology. With Inovatrade’s managed accounts, clients have the opportunity to benefit from its ability to analyse and act on market changes within a few milliseconds.

A managed forex trading account with Inovatrade offers investors the benefit of foreign currency trading by professional traders and an experienced portfolio manager, along with 24 hour access to their funds. This unique approach to managed forex trading bypasses the broker and empowers the client with complete control over their funds. A managed forex trading account with Inovatrade can help investors diversify their portfolio and take advantage of the immense foreign exchange market.

With more than over five years of brokerage expertise devoted solely to the retail investor, the Inovatrade managed forex trading account has stood the test of time and continues to attract retail and institutional investors from all around the globe. By offering a client controlled managed forex account, Inovatrade provides its investors with the security of knowing their investment is at their disposal whenever they wish to access the funds – a unique investment tool.

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