Driving determination

As the year comes to an end and businesses come and go, entrepreneurial spirit is pivotal. Here, we look at some of the individuals that are driving business in the World Finance Entrepreneur of the Year Awards


The importance of entrepreneurs cannot be understated. The very basis of commerce has been that new and stimulating ideas will challenge the status quo and drive better solutions for consumers and business markets. It is through the celebration of entrepreneurial leadership that humanity has got to such a sophisticated point in development, with supply chains ever narrowing. Of course it’s not just having a light bulb moment of realisation that fosters entrepreneurship. It takes a certain level of ability and the right personality to take an idea through the many stages of development to market, creating real value for businesses and the economy, and generating success.

Organisational behaviour specialists and psychology professionals have identified a number of traits recognisable in those that take businesses forward – those that really push the boundaries of commerce and opportunity. Chief among those perhaps is the willingness to take on excessive levels of risk. Often when taking part in an entrepreneurial venture, it is necessary to questions the accepted norms, making decisions that will influence many other aspects of the individual’s existence and, as is so often the case, is putting one’s livelihood at stake. Not to be misinterpreted as reckless behaviour, assuming this type of risk is naturally based on significant research and investigations.

Progress through confidence
It’s often said within the organisational behaviour community that taking on high levels of risk is easier for the entrepreneurial individual, who is better acclimatised to assuming higher degrees of stress than most. With a greater ability to deal with stressful situations, these individuals are generally considered capable of taking on much more responsibility, multitasking, and gauging risk in a very different way to most. By doing so, these individuals hold a far stronger ability to motivate and inspire confidence in those around them. This can be seen in the c suites and offices of many successful businesses in which leaders encourage higher energy levels, purely by going about their daily work in their own unique way.

By evolving his or her requirements in relation to those everyday commercial needs, the entrepreneur continually aims to lift the standards of the people and output around them. New and more advanced goals are continually reviewed and pursued through a discourse of perpetual review and reconsideration. While making the most of their time, entrepreneurs create an environment in which those close to them enjoy the thrill of bettering every detail involved in their work life. By endeavouring to change things up and evolve even the most minute of details, output is expected to be of the highest standard and executed to perfection.

Here most entrepreneurs expect to surround themselves with subjective and talented thinkers capable of independent thought. Creativity is key in addressing problems and presenting the next stage of development for the organisation. Addressing the market with the very best in progressive solutions, a creative insight into every element of the business or project is key in lifting deliverables. Many entrepreneurs encourage this environment in creating and pursing opportunities, and look for creative solutions for the most mundane issues. The ability to recognise that a creative outlook can be key to a venture’s success both short- and long-term is something that cannot be underestimated.

Outlook in dealing with problems when they arise is key in the mind of the entrepreneur, whose single-minded determination creates a drive and determinacy that bypasses anything that might deter the pursuit of a goal. Outlining those achievements and chasing the fundamentals behind the ultimate end-state, the successful entrepreneur has the ability to recognise what is important and impress upon every element of their supply chain the importance of reaching that end-state. In so doing, determination is fostered throughout the project and goals are reached with clarity and within targets.

Novel reading
Any entrepreneur will explain that considering a unique approach to all angles of the business is key to success. Not only is this in the strategic operations of the business, but also in dealing with public relations and client facing opportunities in the market. Many individuals are aware of their ability to chase new clients and opportunities, but few hit the standard set by the average entrepreneur, who approaches new business with flexibility and influence. Here is where the project really takes shape, as the entrepreneurial leader will use the resources at hand to present malleable solutions to those in the market for better products and services.

And so it becomes second nature to many leaders of industry to accept that not everything brought to market is going to be a success. As such, supporters of pursuing the very best ideas are also advocates and proprietors in the market of failed attempts. Through becoming accustomed to failure, those successful in industry not only become better aware of what will bring success to a new venture, but will become adept at handling and dealing with the pressures of failure.

The ability to acknowledge and drive through both successes and failures is something that these industry leaders take on with confidence and intelligence. Referred to as an internal locus of control, these leaders take responsibility for their actions, believing that they alone govern the pattern of events that will define the future around them. With that mindset, they can be spotted as those that actively create opportunities and force a way for success to be part of their commercial ventures. This inherent belief system helps to push the limits of possibility in the market.

Gaining recognition
The transitory nature of markets means that every entrant must be aware of the shifting tides of change that can happen at a moment’s notice. For any company the ability to transition through external change is a function that needs to be managed, and most entrepreneurial managers are fully aware of that. Monitoring markets and industries, with the ability and willingness to completely re-appraise the supply chain is pivotal to the modern entrepreneur. Doing so effectively and in seeking the very best results is what keeps companies and projects above water. By supporting the firm with a spirit of fluidity, the company betters the market, industry, and economy as a whole.

Many governments have recognised this and done their utmost to support and sustain private sector SME achievements and efforts. With many instigating attractive tax breaks and helping create investment opportunities. As governments recognise that smaller organisations can be a driving force behind an economy, entrepreneurs are often given a helping hand in taking those first few steps in getting off the ground. Germinating sentiment the economy gets a tailwind and can start to support growing enterprises, jobs, and output.

With the integral need for a bullish, entrepreneurial outlook across all industries, we’ve conducted comprehensive research into those organisations headed up by the most impressively entrepreneurial individuals. Spanning the globe, our research has taken us into some far-flung corners and interesting markets. We’ve acknowledged those factors that drive companies – from direct employee motivation to product knowledge and expansionary techniques. We’re now happy to announce the winners of the World Finance Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 awards.