Expert legal advice in the UAE from Hadef & Partners

With first-hand experience in reviewing, analysing and drafting some of the UAE’s most important legislation, Hadef & Partners is ideally positioned to advise foreign firms


Hadef & Partners is a full-service business law firm, founded in 1980 by Dr Hadef Al Dhahiri, the current UAE Minister of Justice. It is among the oldest and largest law firms in the UAE, with offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The firm’s 75 lawyers are predominantly educated – and have practice experience – in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as a range of Middle Eastern jurisdictions. The large team of advocates has rights of audience in all levels of UAE courts and tribunals, and members speak English, Arabic and most other leading business languages. It is this unique combination of local depth supported by a team of highly qualified, experienced and diverse lawyers that makes Hadef one of the UAE’s most trusted advisors, and a firm of choice.

Transparency and integrity
Working with commercial and governmental entities that are shaping the future of the Middle East requires a consistently sensitive and rigorous approach to legal service.

The Hadef & Partners practice is committed to transparency and the highest standards of professionalism, says Dr Faraj Ahnish, the firm’s managing partner. “Lasting relationships and a tradition of adherence to high principles are the foundations on which our firm was built,” he says. “We believe that the keys to successful outcomes are delivering the highest quality of work, building close relationships, being accessible, being commercially aware, and staying on top of market developments.”

Recognising the tougher legal, commercial and technical challenges that clients face, the Hadef team applies its strong legal and commercial acumen to assist clients in making sound decisions about their business objectives as they navigate through the UAE’s currently evolving regulatory regime.

The aim is to deliver the desired results. In the event an appropriate outcome cannot be achieved, the firm’s advocates can draw on strong dispute resolution support – vital in today’s business environment.

Helping the law evolve
Hadef & Partners’ work with the UAE federal government is of particular note: Hadef has been involved in the reviewing, analysing and drafting of major federal and local emirate-level legislation directly impacting the UAE’s commercial sector. As a premiere business law firm, Hadef also advises on a wide range of legal matters, including: corporate, commercial, maritime, aviation, dispute resolution, employment, banking and finance, oil and gas, energy, real estate and construction, M&A and private equity, as well as many others. Hadef has advised some of the UAE’s most prominent commercial entities as well as an impressive roster of Fortune 500 companies operating in the UAE.

“The legal landscape in the UAE continues to evolve, and we are experiencing a growing demand for our specialised legal service and depth of knowledge of local law and practice,” says Dr Ahnish.

“A large part of what we do is helping our clients navigate the laws and regulations of the UAE. We are regularly engaged by government authorities to advise on and prepare important legislation that helps shape the legal landscape of the UAE,” he says, “the relationships that we have developed over many years with UAE federal and local governments are much admired.”

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