Keeping up with the times

After 150 years, Jiwasraya is standing as firmly and strongly as ever


Presently, as a stated-owned life insurance company, Jiwasraya has kept up with the times with optimum effort to satisfy its customers’ and business partners’ needs.

Starting with noble intentions to educate the people by making them understand the importance of good future planning, Jiwasraya was established in 1859 under the name of NV Neiderlandsch Indiesche Levensverzekering en Lijfrente Maatschappij (NILLMIJ) van 1859 by Dutch renowned figures in Batavia.

In line with the nationalisation of Dutch companies by the Indonesian government, Jiwasraya has been involved in a number of mergers and name changes.  On March 23rd, 1973, it changed its status to Perusahaan Perseroan (Persero) Asuransi Jiwasraya, now called Jiwasraya.

As a stated-owned life insurance company which does not exercise a monopoly, Jiwasraya undertook fundamental changes. Jiwasraya has not only changed its logo, which has been its image for so long but also launched new corporate values for all employees, namely: integrity, competence, customer and business orientation. The new corporate values are necessary to enable the Company to consistently develop during increasing competition in the insurance industry.

As a life insurance provider, Jiwasraya is greatly dependent on public trust, particularly with its policy holders. Accordingly, with corporate culture based on quality of service, strong discipline and good administration, it has become a foundation in determining the company’s direction, as well as its goals.

Prior to launching its products, Jiwasraya conducted research on market expectations and conditions. The process of product creation was carried out by a team equipped with the expertise and capability in translating market demands which would eventually bring benefits to both the customers and the company. Jiwasraya also conducted periodic evaluations on these products to assess the relevance of product and market demand as well as the level of competitiveness in the market. The product development process will enable the company to create products which will fulfill the customers’ present day and future needs.

Jiwasraya has had over 20 individual products with satisfactory sales results. They are Jiwasraya’s most popular and most wanted products. Amongst the most popular products, which are highly sought after by customers, are education products, unit links, as well as protection and investment products. Jiwasraya is fully aware of the key role of employees in a company. Therefore, Jiwasraya has designed specific products for employee benefits in order that they can contribute maximum productivity to the company. The corporate products are quite varied: including health insurance, term life insurance, endowment and pension products.

Jiwasraya fully believes that human resources play a key role in a company’s progress. Accordingly, the company provides a wide opportunity to all employees to participate in educational and training programs to strengthen their capacity for achieving a higher standard of professionalism. To realise Jiwasraya’s mission to make the company a place for employees to grow and develop, as well as to become professionals with high integrity and competence in life insurance and financial planning, Jiwasraya duly serves its employees well. A number of human resources related work programmes were implemented, such as talent management, competency appraisal, educational and training programmes.

Embarking into a modern era, globalisation demands an increasing need for fast and accurate information. Consequently, the role of information technology and communication has become essential in creating an efficient and effective information system, serving as a primary support and a boost in competitive edge amidst insurance market competition. Jiwasraya has consistently met the demand by implementing technology in the company to support the business process. Furthermore, the company has been conducting innovations in keeping with the implementation of IT developments applied internally with a view to raising its services to policy holders and stake holders.

Jiwasraya, through its Information Technology division, is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure for information technology, application/software developments, hardware/network and other means of communications which are aimed at enhancing operational effectiveness based on work plans set out in the beginning of the year. Jiwasraya through the years has done its utmost to improve services through the application of IT.

As a service provider in life insurance, Jiwasraya is fully committed to continue reorganising itself to raise its service standards to all customers and stakeholders, while strengthening its competitive edge amongst the general public through continuous innovations in business processes, by way of boosting the role and innovations of information technology applied within the company.

Standardised customer service is a key factor for Jiwasraya’s business developments, and the company has been consistently raising these standards year on year to provide customers with the best services. This resulted in the company obtaining the ISO 9000-2000 Certificate in quality management system application from PT Sucofindo International Certifications Services (Persero), the scope of application being Head Office and Branch Office.

Following its achievement as Top Brand 2000-2007 award winner for life insurance category, in 2008 and 2009, Jiwasraya again obtained Top Brand Award from Frontier Consulting Group and Marketing magazine for life insurance category. This award also represented the impressive record performance by all agents throughout Indonesia in presenting a strong brand awareness in the national market. Furthermore, this outstanding achievement strengthened Jiwasraya’s motivation to give greater advantages to the Indonesian people by rendering the best services and product innovations and at the same time contributing to the insurance industry, particularly the life insurance sector.

As mandated by the Government, and in an endeavor to boost economic activity and growth as well as creating equality in development and community empowerment, Jiwasraya has always shown concern towards the community living in Jiwasraya’s surrounding premises by contributing to their wellbeing. The company realises its concerns by providing funds to its business partners through Partnership and Community Development (PKBL), as well as partaking in social activities organised by the local authority.

Indeed, growth takes place every moment of every day. It is by no means a free gift. It is  instead the fruits of serious endeavour and strenuous work of all involved. Intimate communication and partnership remain the foundation for never ending creativity and exchanges of fresh ideas, essentially needed to attain highly praised achievements.

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